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Welcome to The Astute College.  The Astute College is private Tuition Centre and Sixth Form, run by professional, highly qualified (PhD) and experience tutors. Our teachers, staff and students work as a team to ensure, we obtain the very best outcomes with a secure, caring and happy environment.

The Astute College offers a balanced structured courses, supervision combined with understanding, determined support and confidence. Each member of our team feels proud, appreciated and valued as we study and developed together. Our students share their high and realistic aspirations we have for them whilst contributing to the well-being of our global community.

We enjoy rich and diverse philosophy in which we stimulate excellence individual success, including fun and development. Therefore, we would like to welcome all the students and staff at our tuition centre.

A top-rated institution

The Astute College offers the highest quality tuition services to students of Primary, Secondary, Higher and A-Level Courses. The number of students have increased significantly as most of our students excel in their examination result.

Many congratulation to Student A (GCSE Grade 8)

Different students require different approaches to learn

We ensures that our students learn for life. Our teaching gives them the knowledge they need to prepare for their future.

We use a range of additional study methods, offering a more inclusive form of teaching, to provide students with a better chance of success. This teaching approach is particularly designed to match the students' different learning styles.

 Our study groups enable students to apply their learning in a practical way. The teacher's role here is to provide inspiration and encourage the pupils to create their own study groups. Students can therefore determine the content and methodology in their study group.

Entrance Exams

We offer specialist and customised support to prepare young students to sit Eleven Plus and Thirteen Plus examinations. We provide information for parents interested in the above examinations such as how to apply and what is required of their child.

Your child is guaranteed to pass with high achievement with our finely selected tutors offering the best advice and preparation. Your child will be familiar with the test papers and be confident to sit the exam. If you are interested, get in touch soon as the earlier your child starts preparations, the higher they will achieve in the entrance tests.


We encourage students to work independently to develop their numerical, arithmetic analytical skill without relying on calculators.


English is a global language, a firm grasp of it is crucial to your Childs’s susses. Our English courses train each student in the fundamentals.


Aim to achieve students’ objectives in Science. Our Physics, Chemistry and Biology Programs are according to examination boards.

Computer Science

Wants learn computer programming? We have special designed courses for C#, Python, SQL and C++, web Dev


I have been coming here since the summer of 20 17 and the progress that I have made accademically and socially has been remarkable, the staff at the Centre are phenomenal.


-Adil from Birmingham

I improved my grades, freindly learning envoirment. Teaching staff are experts and have great skills of teaching.