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    The Goal Of Education Is The Advancement Of Knowledge
    Education Is The Key
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    The Goal Of Education Is The Advancement Of Knowledge
    Education Is The Key
    To Your Success.
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Welcome to The Astute College. The Astute College is a private Tuition Centre, run by professional, highly qualified (PhD), experienced tutors and teachers. Our teachers, staff and students work as a team to ensure, we obtain the very best outcomes with a secure, caring and happy environment to learn and study within. The Astute College offers balanced structured courses, under supervision combined with understanding, determined support, confidence and guidance. Each member of our team feels proud, appreciated and valued as we study and develop together. Our students share their high and realistic aspirations we have for them whilst contributing to the well-being of our global community. We enjoy rich and diverse philosophy in which we stimulate excellence along with individual success, including a fun way to learn and work towards individual development catered to each student. Therefore, we would like to welcome all the students and staff at our tuition centre to enjoy a fun filled experience of education, and a safe and happy place for professionals to work.

Ofsted Registered Childcare

A top-rated institution

A top-rated institution. The Astute College offers the highest quality tuition services to students of Primary, Secondary and higher education courses. The number of students has increased significantly due to our high success rate and distinguished reputation. Different students require different learning approaches. Here at The Astute College, we endeavour to treat every student individually and work around their individual needs accordingly. We put our students at the centre of our focus and keep you up dated at every stage of their development. We are fully committed to providing the highest quality tuition in a safe and professional environment and will make learning enjoyable as well as coherent. Students benefit from purpose built class rooms equipped with the latest technologies and learning aids, all managed by our highly qualified and experienced staff.

Entrance Exams

We offer specialised and customised support to help you prepare your child to sit their eleven and twelve plus grammar school entrance exams. We provide information and support for parents who are interested in forwarding their children for the grammar school entrance exams Our finely selected tutors offer the best advice and preparation that will give your child the confidence, knowledge and skills to sit their exams. To stand a fair chance of passing these exams, your child needs to be enrolled as soon as possible in order to prepare them for the verbal and non-verbal reasoning examinations. Please note that these subjects are NOT taught in primary schools but are a core part of the grammar tests.

Different students require different approaches to learn

We ensure that our students learn for life. Our teaching gives them the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for their future. We use a range of additional study methods, tools and technologies to help advance our students to meet their full potential, offering a more inclusive form of teaching, to provide students with a better chance of success. This teaching approach is particularly designed to match the students different learning styles. Our study groups enable students to apply their learning in a practical way that is useful both in and out of the classroom. The teacher's role here is to provide inspiration and encouragement to our students to create their own study groups and timetables. Students can therefore determine the content and methodology in their study group. All of our students excel in their examination results. Our highly trained and professional staff have many years of experience in teaching and can easily recognise the needs of students as individuals and will focus their attention on strengthening their weaknesses.

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Adil from Birmingham

I have been coming here since the summer of 2017 and the progress that I have made accademically and socially has been remarkable, the staff at the Centre are phenomenal.


I improved my grades, friendly learning envoirment. Teaching staff are experts and have great skills of teaching.


What I really like most about The Astute College is the involvement of the staff with parents. Communicating and being on the same page all the time is a huge deal.

Meet Our Team

Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Mathematics
Bushra Head Of English
Dr Khalil Science
Ashfaq Business Development Officer
Aisha Grace Administrative
Waseem Sohail IT Department


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